Knowledge Transfer Ireland

Knowledge Transfer Ireland

Opening innovation for everyone

The world today faces many challenges, from ageing populations and climate change, to increased mental health issues and technologically driven job losses. Against this backdrop the need to innovate across all sectors of society and business has never been more prevalent. In Ireland today valuable research is being carried out by institutions, universities, government departments and more, across a wide range of areas. Knowledge Transfer Ireland (KTI) is a national office tasked with connecting up these disparate and diverse silos of research. More specifically, KTI are responsible for the sharing of knowledge, skills and technologies between public research and enterprise for the collective benefit.

We began working with KTI in early 2017. They came to us sensing there was confusion around why KTI exists and how their services work. To address this we produced a rich film that helps KTI tell their story and underline why the sharing of knowledge is so important to innovation in Irish society and beyond.

Knowledge Transfer Ireland Knowledge Transfer Ireland Knowledge Transfer Ireland